The Usambara Mountains, nick-named Switzerland of Tanzania due to its similarity in landscape, is among the six Cultural Sites in Tanzania, due to its magnificent mountain scenery. It has been a very popular travelers' hiking destination for many years​.​


The mountains, which belong to the ancient Eastern Arc Mountain chain, are estimated to be at least 100 million years old.


Their climatic isolation and stability has offered plant species a chance  to develop, and today these mountains are highly bio-diverse and are home to about one-third of all Tanzanian flora and fauna species. Among the 13 Eastern Arc Mountain blocks, the West Usambara Mountains are the third in importance with respect to endemic plant species. They alone have over 500 plant species and numerous animals which are found nowhere else on earth.


Acre for acre, there are more unique plant and animal species in the Arc than anywhere else in African continent, with the area considered one of the planet's most important bio-diversity hotspots.


Due to the importance and sensitivity of this ecosystem, we are happy to advise and guide our guests as to the rules and regulations to observe for the purpose of protecting, preserving and conserving the environment.


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