this is a map of the usambara mountains

Tourist Road Map.

Getting to Mambo Cliff Inn


Mambo Cliff Inn is situated in the Usambara mountains, alongside the road from Dar es Salaam to Moshi and Arusha.

There are direct buses from Dar es Salaam (Ubungo bus terminal), Arusha & Moshi and Tanga. You may even get to share a seat with a chicken.

Alternative, give us a call and we can pre-arrange for our driver to meet you at the airport and bring you up. The cost is about USD300. (to be confirmed though).


bus schedule

Dar – Lushoto - Mambo/Mtae v.v.

Bus company Shambalai. Tsh. 18.000

Dar        06.00  -> Mambo 16.00

Mambo 06.00  -> Dar         16.00


Arusha – Lushoto – Mambo/Mtae v.v.

Bus company Fasaha. Tsh. 18.000

Arusha   06.00  ->  Mambo 16.00

Mambo 04.30  ->  Arusha   15.30


Tanga – Lushoto – Mambo/Mtae v.v. 

Bus company Makadir. Tsh.15.000

Tanga    08.30  ->   Mambo 15.00

Mambo 05.00  ->   Tanga    13.00


We're still waiting for Google maps to update our location. But,

if you have access to Maps you can pin point our exact location using the coordinate below.